Celebrate Jimin of BTS’s Birthday with These 10 Songs

From "Serendipity" to "Black Swan" and beyond

jimin birthday playlist

Happy birthday to the one and only Park Jimin! The BTS member, known for his incredible stage presence, contemporary dance background, lovely vocals, and kindhearted demeanor, turns 27 years old on Thursday, October 13th.

To celebrate, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite tracks to keep the birthday festivities going for the vocalist and undeniably ethereal dancer in the world’s biggest septet. This weekend, BTS will be taking the stage in Jimin’s hometown for “BTS YET TO COME In BUSAN.” In the meantime, we can continue to get excited for the live performances by marking another trip around the sun for this very special member.

In his now beloved “Dear Class of 2020” speech, Jimin provided some words of comfort by saying, “Remember there is a person here in Korea, in the city of Seoul, who understands you.” In addition to always working to create an atmosphere of joy through his music as a part of BTS, he strives to be a safe place of sorts for members of ARMY in everything he does.

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Check out 10 tracks that highlight Jimin below, and scroll to the end for a playlist of the songs available on Spotify.


“Serendipity” is a very special song in the BTS canon. From the wonderful Love Yourself era, this solo track — penned by bandmate RM — suits Jimin’s acrobatic vocals and sweet spirit remarkably well. It’s a love song through and through, one that even borders on flirtatious and alluring once the chorus hits. Plus, every live performance of the song is a true wonder to behold — bring back the bubble!


BTS’s Wings album was a turning point for the group in many ways, including being the first place for members to record solo tracks. There’s a darkness to the entire record, along with a brutal honesty, something that has always been a beacon for BTS fans throughout every stage of the band’s career. Jimin’s solo song, like many on this list, can be interpreted in a number of ways. But at its core, “Lie” is the narrative of struggling with feelings of impurity and anguish. It’s a heavy one; “Caught in a lie/ Pull me from this hell/ I can’t be free from this pain/ Save me, I am being punished,” he sings desperately.


Jimin’s solo offering on Map of the Soul: 7 offered a look into his psyche. “Filter,” with its Latin-inspired sound, was a very different direction from the vocalist’s previous individual tracks, moving away from the angst of “Lie” and the sweetness of “Serendipity” into more confident, playful territory. Not only does the studio version feature a wild vocal performance, but the heart-stopping live stage provided countless new layers on identity, duality, and expression for ARMY to unravel and explore for years to come. “Pick your filter/ Which me do you want?” All of them, Jimin.


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