M.I.A. Questions Why Alex Jones “Pays for Lying” But Not “Celebrities Pushing Vaccines”

Jones was ordered to pay $965 million in damages after losing a defamation case against Sandy Hook families

m.i.a. vaccines

If Kanye wasn’t disappointing enough, M.I.A. is back to spread some weird, anti-vaccine bullshit in the form of a false equivalence. The musician took to Twitter on Wednesday to compare vaccinated celebrities to Alex Jones, because, in her eyes, they’re both pushing equally harmful conspiracy theories.

“If Alex Jones pays for lying shouldn’t every celebrity pushing vaccines pay too?” M.I.A. asked.

As a refresher, Alex Jones was ordered to pay $965 million in defamation damages after he spent a decade claiming that the Sandy Hook massacre never happened, that the parents of the slain elementary school children were lying, and that said murdered children were crisis actors. People vaccinated against COVID-19, meanwhile, have simply taken scientists at their (clinically proven) word in saying that vaccines prevent or lessen infection from a virus that has killed a million Americans and left many others seriously disabled. So, you know, they’re the same thing.

M.I.A. implied she was anti-vax early into the pandemic, telling fans in March 2020 that they shouldn’t “live in fear” of the coronavirus. “If I have to choose the vaccine or chip I’m gonna choose death,” she tweeted, before adding, “Most of science is in bed with business. Business is in bed with banks, banks are in bed with tech, techs in bed with us, we’re in bed with corona. Corona is in bed with science. So on … the best is prevention.”

See M.I.A.’s weird vaccine tweet below. The artist is gearing up to release a new album called MATAand if you’re still interested in her career after this, she’s so far shared the singles “The One,” “Popular,” and “BEEP.” 


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