Nick Kroll Plans to Work Until He’s “Very Old, Out of Touch, and No Longer Funny at All”

The very busy comedian opens up about Big Mouth, Don't Worry Darling, John Mulaney, and shows he'd love to guest-star on

Nick Kroll Interview

Nick Kroll’s got a lot going on right now: The recent release of his new Netflix standup special Little Big Boy; his supporting role in one of the year’s most discussed films, Don’t Worry Darling; and the upcoming new season of Big Mouth, the animated coming-of-age comedy he co-created with Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. Not to mention the many, many other projects he’s guest-starred in over the last few years, a list that includes What We Do In the Shadows, Our Flag Means Death, Bob’s Burgers, Dickinson, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

“I’ve been so lucky to be able to be on so many of the shows that I liked,” Kroll tells Consequence. “And it’s something that I’ve tried to work on, to tell those people that I like their show and that if they ever wanted to have me on it, I would love to be on it. You have to swallow your ego a little bit to say, ‘I really like your show. I’d like to be a part of it,’ because you could receive rejection for that. But I really love it, and it’s a lesson that I’ve tried to take over into how I approach these kinds of things.”

It’s something that Kroll tries to pay forward as well: “I’ve had people tell me that they like my shows or whatever. And it’s really helpful to be like, ‘Great, let’s see if we can find something.’ Tyler, the Creator is on this upcoming season of Big Mouth because he reached out and was like, ‘I love your show.’ And we’re like, ‘Well then, great. We’ll find something for you to do.'”

When asked what shows he himself would still like to guest star on, he has quite the list: “I’ve been obsessed with much of Fargo — I think that is an incredible show. I love Atlanta, but I think Atlanta’s now done. Always Sunny — I was just talking to my wife about that; I’ve been a fan of those guys, and I used to be on The League, paired with them. I love Sunny.” Also, he adds, “Is Mork & Mindy still on the air? I’d like to be on Mork & Mindy. And obviously NCIS: New Orleans.”

In the interview below, transcribed and edited for clarity, Kroll reveals his current level of involvement with Big Mouth, his hopes for the show’s longevity (it’s been renewed for a seventh season, with Season 6 set to debut at the end of the month), why putting out his new special was a very vulnerable experience, how Olivia Wilde asked him directly to be involved with Don’t Worry Darling, and where things stand between him and frequent collaborator John Mulaney, in terms of future projects.

He also talks about the Big Mouth Season 5 finale, which featured “Nick Birch” (Kroll’s animated pre-teen avatar) directly confronting a live-action “Nick Kroll” (as himself) about their mutual issues. It’s a big creative swing for the series, with even a meta moment of musing from “Nick Kroll” about whether or not breaking the fourth wall would end up being successful…


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