Saturday Night Live Mocks Kanye West With Skechers Sketch: Watch

"Kanye came to Skechers and Skechers said no. Do you realize how insanely satisfying that is?"

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Saturday Night Live (NBC)

    Kanye West’s latest public meltdown added a depressing new chapter when he was escorted out of Skechers’ corporate office this week — an incident Saturday Night Live lampooned on its latest episode. The comedy show addressed West’s antisemitism-fueled downfall with a sketch from the point of view of Skechers, a company that finally earned some clout when it refused to work with the rapper.

    If you’ve forgotten, Kanye approached Skechers about a business partnership after both adidas and Gap ended their respective relationships with him following a slew of antisemitic comments. Skechers, of course, didn’t want to be associated with West either, and he was escorted out of the company’s corporate headquarters.

    In the new sketch, SNL made a fake Skechers commercial in which the company uses its quick action against the antisemitic rapper as a marketing tool — while also noting how shocking it is that it was approached by Kanye at all.


    “Skechers has always been a hip, edgy company,” Cecily Strong says in a voiceover, while the clip shows a group of older, decidedly not-hip men donning the footwear. “Everyone knows that, so of course Kanye came to us first,” featured player Punkie Johnson adds. “Kanye came to Skechers and Skechers said no. Do you realize how insanely satisfying that is?,” Chloe Fineman jokes. Watch the clip below.

    Kanye has lost over a billion dollars since he shared his inflammatory beliefs about Jewish people on social media and in his Tucker Carlson interview. He’s also facing a $250 million dollar lawsuit from the family of George Floyd because he spread the false conspiracy theory that Floyd didn’t actually die as a result of police brutality. Now that West has a lost a ton of money and brand deals, however, he attempted to apologize for spreading that lie by saying that “I know what it feels to have a knee on my neck right now.”

    Stay up to date on the Kanye Chronicles by reading our timeline of his antisemitic comments.

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