Something Corporate Formally Reunite for First Show in 13 Years

At When We Were Young Festival in 2023

something corporate reunion 2023 show

Something Corporate recently staged a mini reunion at lead singer Andrew McMahon’s 40th birthday celebration, and they’ll play at least one more show next year at the 2023 installment of When We Were Young (grab your tickets here starting on Friday, October 14th).

As BrooklynVegan points out, the set will mark Something Corporate’s first announced show in 13 years after they reunited in 2010 for a US tour. After fans got the emo group trending on Twitter, McMahon acknowledged the excitement with a tweet of his own, writing, “Well, I figure since #somethingcorporate is trending at the moment, I’d jump on here for the first time in forever and let you all know how excited the band and I are to be playing the 2023 @WWWYFest.”

Back in September, McMahon was joined on stage by every original member of the band at House of Blues in Anaheim, California for a surprise six-song performance including “I Woke Up in a Car,” “Hurricane,” and “Konstantine.”

In a subsequent interview with Alternative Press, McMahon said the chances of the performance leading to “full-on tours and records” were slim, but welcomed the opportunity. “I love these dudes, and if there is another opportunity to get on a stage and play songs with them, I certainly welcome it,” he said. “However, the chances of it leading to full-on tours and records when we all have families and lives seems very low. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that there might be another day or time at a minimum when we can get onstage somewhere. I’ll put that into the ether and hope it comes back.”

McMahon also revealed why his birthday show felt like the opportune time for the live return of Something Corporate. “Truthfully, it’s rare that all of us can even get together,” he said. “It felt like, ‘Here’s a chance where we don’t have to make it a show about that, but also have them play some songs with me and a chance for us to freak out together.’ No one knows this is happening, so I like the low-pressure version of this.”

He continued, “I don’t get to see these guys together all in one place, and a birthday party is always a good excuse to get your friends together, so here we are.”

Ahead of Something Corporate’s proper reunion set at When We Were Young 2023, check out their performance at McMahon’s 40th birthday show starting around the 47:14 mark below.


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