Kumail Nanjiani Becomes a Seedy Strip Club Founder in Welcome to Chippendales Trailer: Watch

Coming this November

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Before there was Magic Mike, there was Chippendales. Hulu has today shared its official trailer for Welcome to Chippendales, their upcoming series that tells the true-crime story behind the first all-male strip club, ahead of its November 22nd premiere.

Welcome to Chippendales stars Kumail Nanjiani as Somen “Steve” Banerjee, an Indian immigrant known for establishing the first strip club catered to women. In the trailer, Banerjee is offered a promotion at his gas station job: “That was my dream when I got here,” he tells his boss as he declines the offer. “But my goals have changed. I have changed.”

Clad in cuffs and collars, Chippendales takes off around the world — but things get dicey when Banerjee’s business partner Nick De Noia (Murray Bartlett) attempts to edge him out of the company’s affairs. But Banerjee will stop at nothing to keep his American dream a reality.

The miniseries also stars Kyna Treacy, Dan Stevens, Juliette Lewis, Nicola Peltz Beckham, Quentin Plair, Robin de Jesus, Jack Schumacher, and Spencer Boldman. The pilot is directed by WandaVision director Matt Shakman from a screenplay by Pam & Tommy writter Robert Siegel. Watch the Welcome to Chippendales trailer below.

Back in 2020, Nanjiani starred opposite Issa Rae in Michael Showalter’s crime-ridden rom-com The LovebirdsUnfortunately, Welcome to Chippendales will mark one of Hulu’s final originals before Disney hikes its subscription prices in December.


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