BABYMETAL To Feature Silent Mosh Pits at Upcoming Shows

All fans will also be mandated to wear a "Saviour Mask" for the duration of the concert

babymetal silent mosh
Babymetal, photo by Kevin RC WIlson

    BABYMETAL have released guidelines for their two Japan shows in January supporting their forthcoming concept album THE OTHER ONE. Among the tidbits of info, the band revealed that it will have a “silent mosh” area at the venue.

    Dubbed the “SILENT MOSH’SH PIT,” the space will essentially be a quiet area, designated “for those who have small children, who are not confident in their physical strength, etc.” Here fans will be asked to “refrain from activities such as shouting, cheering, talking loudly, or any other behavior that may be an inconvenience to other customers.”

    There will also be a mask mandate for all concertgoers. Upon entering the venue, attendees will be given a “SAVIOUR MASK” to be worn for the duration of the show. In addition, even fans not situated in the silent mosh pit are being asked to refrain from talking or singing loudly in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


    The band’s statement regarding the requirement of masks and fan behavior reads as follows:

    “This Savior Mask is the official dress code for the show and you will be required to wear it on top of your own mask upon entering the venue and throughout the entire show. Wearing the Savior Mask will be mandatory up to when you exit the venue after the performance has ended. Please note in advance that those who do not comply to these rules will be asked to leave.

    The guideline for the prevention of COVID-19 in ‘Notice Concerning Performances by Amuse Group (Basic Policy and Guideline for the Prevention of COVID-19)’ has been updated. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please refrain from talking/singing/cheering/shouting loudly. However, singing/reacting at a level where only the person next to you can hear is acceptable.”

    BABYMETAL are gearing up for the highly anticipated release of THE OTHER ONE on March 24th. The ambitious concept piece sees the group taking a turn away from the danceable pop-metal of past material, incorporating elements of prog and alternative metal. Two singles have been released thus far, with three more on the way in the coming months.


    In addition to their two shows in Japan, BABYMETAL will also support Sabaton on a UK/European tour in the spring.

    You can view BABYMETAL’s concert guideline posts below.

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