“His Fans Are Unlike Any Other Fans”: 5 Harry Styles Openers on What It’s Like to Open for Harry Styles

Amid "Love on Tour 2022," Wolf Alice, Leon Bridges and more Harry openers (past and present) share their stories

harry styles openers
Illustration by Steven Fiche

    There’s nothing else quite like a Harry Styles concert.

    As anyone who has found themself in Harry’s House over the years can attest, these events have their own distinct color. There’s rituals and inside jokes, like the conga line during “Treat People With Kindness.” There are consistent accessories, no matter what city Styles has set up in — boas, sparkles, glitter, and phenomenal suits tend to abound — and the sense of community from arena to arena is tangible.

    Before the moment Harry Styles steps (or is rolled) onstage, another act has a critical role to play. A support act for Styles has the responsibility of setting the tone and kicking things off for the enormous, eager crowds, often filled with people who have been waiting in their claimed spots in the pit for hours already. As Styles’ current bout of mini-residencies continues in Los Angeles, we decided to zero in on that portion of the show. What’s it like to step onstage for 20,000 Harry Styles fans? What are the moments like backstage with the artist himself?

    Throughout these conversations, a pleasantly optimistic trend emerged. These artists, interviewed separately, provided accounts of their time that often mirrored one another. The consensus is that being on tour with Harry Styles is a damn good time, and Harry Styles himself is a good leader for the enormous crew of people that pulls off tours like these.


    Below, hear from some of the artists who have opened for Styles on recent tours, with special insights from Madison Cunningham, Leon Bridges, Wolf Alice and more. Styles, who is currently in residency in Los Angeles, next plays the Kia Forum on Wednesday, November 2nd.

    Limited tickets to “Harry Styles Love on Tour 2022” can be found here.

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