Nathy Peluso Wants Women to Be Horny Too on New Song “Estás Buenísimo”: Stream

Which translates literally to "You are so hot"

nathy peluso Estás Buenísimo-jpg
Nathy Peluso, photo by Txema Yeste

    On her new single, Nathy Peluso gives due to the man that’s made a difference in her world. The Argentinian singer/rapper has shared “Estás Buenísimo,” an ode to, to put it literally, a really hot guy.

    Until recently (thanks to our current hot girls), it had been a minute since women in rap were freely getting horny along with the fellas. Peluso aims to fix that with “Estás Buenísimo,” a song she wrote alone in a few hours and self-produced.

    “I found myself with the concept… talking about a guy that I find super sexy,” Peluso said in a statement. “The fact that there aren’t many women singing songs to men, telling them they’re hot. But there are a lot of songs the other way around. It’s interesting to show that perspective, from a natural side, but also in a satirical and ironic way. It’s trying to normalize the fact that women can also flirt, say what we’re thinking about a person that we like. Without having to repress ourselves to fit in an established behavior just to fit in.”


    Peluso also co-directed and co-produced the accompanying music video for “Estás Buenísimo” with Little Spain. In the clip, the rapper gender-flips all those Michael Jackson videos by becoming that mysterious force who seduces a hot little thing in an alley. Watch the video below.

    Peluso released her debut full-length, Calambrein 2020. Earlier this summer, we caught Peluso’s set at Mad Cool Festival, which proved to be one of the biggest highlights of the weekend.

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