Fan Chant: P1Harmony Won’t “Back Down” Any Time Soon: Interview

P1Harmony provide an exclusive look into the process behind their latest album in a new interview

P1Harmony Interview
P1Harmony, photo courtesy of FNC Entertainment

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    Something lovely about K-pop is how many avenues their are to discovering new groups. I vocally adore my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify and credit it for introducing me to so many wonderful tracks and acting as a bridge to new artists and bands; for many people, TikTok has been known to push a casual listener into stan territory.

    It wouldn’t be a total surprise to hear the latter route was responsible for leading some new fans to P1Harmony, an exciting, often experimental group out of FNC Entertainment who have introduced their sparkling personalities to plenty of new listeners through social media since their debut in 2020. Once listeners take the plunge, there’s so much fun to be found in P1Harmony’s rapidly budding discography — “Do It Like This,” their January 2022 release, is a thoroughly addictive bop off their DISHARMONY: FIND OUT album that reached well beyond just P1eces, as P1Harmony’s fanbase is known.


    Now, the six-piece group — Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob — are back with their fifth EP, HARMONY: SET IN. I was able to connect with the members to hear about some of the details that went into the friendship-focused collection, inspirations old and new, and future goals. “I want to try making music with a rock feel,” reveals Jiung.

    Catch P1Harmony’s new music video for focus track “Back Down” and read the full interview with the members below!

    Congrats on your fifth mini-album!! You mentioned wanting to explore a new side of your musical journey as a group with this collection — I feel like the focus track has your bright, addictive, experimental sound, and some of the b-sides (“BFF” in particular!) lean into a lighter space. What directions were you guys most focused on exploring with this album?

    Keeho: One of the keywords for our 5th mini-album is friendship so the concept and musical color of this album reflects that by being brighter and full of energy. As this album is also part of our Harmony series, we tried to capture the beginning of a new harmony, a completely perfect one.


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