slowthai Quietly Rages on New Song “​i know nothing”: Stream

Self-described as "a fight back against those people who are so quick to put the blame on the younger generation"

slowthai i know nothing beats by dre new song stream
slowthai’s “BB (BODYBAG)” video (via YouTube)

    slowthai has returned with a new track called “i know nothing.” Stream it below.

    Though “i know nothing” is part of Beats by Dre’s Defy the Noise ad campaign, the song is hardly corporate fluff. slowthai initially uses a restrained, spoken-word delivery over a quiet, piano-driven beat, but ramps up the energy to match the clashing post-hardcore guitars that come in halfway through the track.

    Lyrically, slowthai addresses everyday anxieties and rages against society. “We fall into what’s expected instead of what we want,” he spits. “We rely on a system that’s failed us/ We’re in prison waiting for a day off.”

    “‘I Know Nothing’ is a fight back against those people who are so quick to put the blame on the younger generation,” slowthai explained in a statement. “In a world full of misinformation and judgment, it only reveals the true intentions of how miserable people’s lives must be as they are so quick to jump on the bandwagon and applaud or point out people’s failures or vulnerabilities.”


    He continued, “Instead we should be lifting people up when we see them fall. Social media can and should be used as a tool for connection and good but instead it serves to gloat and punch down. It fails to show the harsh reality we live in, which can lead to isolation and depression.”

    Earlier this week, slowthai tweeted “album 3 done” and teased its potential title: Ugly. The album will serve as the follow-up to 2021’s TYRON. Earlier this year, he appeared on Denzel Curry’s “Zatoichi.”

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