Caroline Polachek Announces New Album Desire, I Want to Turn into You, Shares Single: Stream

Polacheck offered a preview with new song "Welcome to My Island"

caroline polachek desire, i want to turn into you new album welcome to my island song single stream
Caroline Polachek, photo by Nedda Afsari

    Caroline Polachek has announced Desire, I Want to Turn into You, her second solo album under her own name. It drops February 14th, 2023, and the former Chairlift singer is offering a preview with new single, “Welcome to My Island.”

    Polachek chose the album’s title to reflect two different impulses, as she explained in a new interview with Rolling Stone“One, it can be read as being about the ‘you,’” she said. “We all know that feeling of falling in love, of wanting to obsessively learn from and become that person. But on the other hand, maybe desire is the thing you want to turn into itself.”

    No official tracklist has been released, but Desire, I Want to Turn into You reportedly features recent singles “Bunny Is a Rider,” “Billions,”  and the October cut “Sunset.” Some of these songs have their roots in the studio sessions from her last album, 2019’s Pangs


    “Welcome to My Island” is one such track. Co-written with Dan Nigro, the songwriting force behind Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR, “Welcome to My Island” didn’t make the cut on Pangs because it seemed to introduce a new character for Polachek, someone “brash and bratty and funny and chaotic and manic,” she said.

    The song opens with a capella wailing that is soon joined by the ringing notes of an electric guitar. But after this intro, “Welcome to My Island” suddenly shifts gears into a sparkling synth-driven dance number. “Welcome to my island,” Polachek almost chants, “See the palm trees wave in the wind.” The chorus crests on a hook as big as a tidal wave, as she sings, “Desire, I want to turn into you!”

    Check it out below, and scroll onwards for the album and single artwork. Pre-orders for Desire, I Want to Turn into You are ongoing.

    Desire, I Want to Turn into You Artwork:

    caroline polacheck desire i want to turn into you album artwork

    “Welcome to My Island” Artwork:

    "Welcome to My Island" Artwork

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