Rita Wilson Shares Origins of New Single “Til You’re Home” Featuring Sebastián Yatra: Exclusive

The theme song for the Tom Hanks-starring film A Man Called Otto

rita wilson sebastian yatra til you're home man called otto
Rita Wilson (photo by Harper Smith) and Sebastián Yatra (photo by Erick Quituizaca)

    Origins is a recurring series that gives artists a space to break down everything that went into their latest release. Today, Rita Wilson and co-writer David Hodges break down the Sebastián Yatra-assisted “Til You’re Home” from the A Man Called Otto soundtrack.

    Ahead of the release of the Marc Forster film A Man Called Otto, actress and singer Rita Wilson has shared “Til You’re Home,” her collaboration with Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Sebastián Yatra. The tender song serves as the theme from the Tom Hanks-led picture and is accompanied by a music video that splits time between clips from the film and studio sessions with Wilson and Yatra.

    The heartful and glowing track sees Wilson and Yatra navigate a serene piano and string-driven instrumental, which allows the duo to showcase their vocal range before coming together to harmonize for the song’s soothing conclusion.


    Wilson tells Consequence that she saw “Til You’re Home” as a collaborative track from the start, and viewed Yatra as “the perfect person to do it” after hearing his work in Disney’s Encanto. “We were incredibly lucky he said ‘yes’ and all the planets aligned,” she says.

    To write “Til You’re Home,” Wilson reunited with Grammy- and Golden Globe-nominated songwriter David Hodges, who remembers the track coming together seamlessly. “Each word and melody of ‘Til You’re Home’ seemed to be waiting for us like little steps on a path to what the story needed,” he says.

    Much of the song’s emotional tone is derived from screenwriter David Magee’s screenplay, which Wilson cites as a source of influence. “This is a movie about love, the depths of love, and how love continues even after a person leaves this earth,” Wilson explains.


    Check out the video for “Til You’re Home” below, as well as Rita Wilson and David Hodges’ breakdown of the track’s Origins.

    A Man Called Otto will open in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles this Christmas ahead of its official release date of January 13th, 2023.

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