Jon Lovett on Why the Video Game Outer Wilds Makes Him Emotional: The Spark Parade

The meditative odyssey is the podcaster's favorite game of all time

Jon Lovett outer wilds spark parade podcast interview
Jon Lovett, photo by Kit Karzen

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    Podcaster and comedian Jon Lovett is an avid gamer who discovered the acclaimed Outer Wilds in the thick of lockdown. The game’s sweet simplicity provided a perfect escape from the bleakness surrounding him, and it quickly became his favorite game of all time.

    Eschewing the violence that is so prevalent in many of the gaming world’s biggest titles, it is a meditative space adventure broken up into 22-minute cycles. The joy of low-stakes exploration struck such a chord with Lovett that he gets emotional when he speaks about his love for Outer Wilds on this episode of The Spark Parade.

    “The only way to experience the story of the game is to play the game,” he says. “It couldn’t work in any other format. It had to be a game, it has to be this thing. And it is a beautiful story.”


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