Rammstein Issue Response to Fan’s Accusation of Being Drugged at Pre-Show Party

"We can rule out the possibility that what is being claimed took place in our environment"

Rammstein, photo by Jens Koch

    Rammstein have responded to a fan’s accusation of being drugged at a pre-show party before a recent concert in Lithuania.

    The fan in question, Shelby Lynn, took to Twitter two days after the show to describe the alleged incident, claiming that her drink was spiked during a pre-show party at Vingis Park in Vilnius. She also detailed a supposed encounter with Till Lindemann in a room below the stage during the intermission of the concert, where she refused to have sex with him, apparently angering the Rammstein frontman.

    The band issued the following statement on Sunday (May 28th) via Twitter:

    “With regard to the allegations circulating on the internet about Vilnius, we can rule out the possibility that what is being claimed took place in our environment. We are not aware of any official investigations into this matter.”

    Lynn alleged that she was chosen as part of a select group of women by Joe Letz — drummer for Lindemann’s eponymous solo project — to attend the “Row 0” pre-party and after party for the concert. Lynn described a bizarre interaction with Letz on the way to the venue, in which he lined up the group of women and took videos and headshots of them, lingering for a particularly long time on Lynn and zooming in on her face.


    Before the show, Lynn said she consumed two drinks — a vodka-Redbull and a Prosecco — and was “not even buzzed.” She then said Letz pulled her aside to ask if she would want to “hang out for 5 minutes” with Lindemann during the DJ intermission of Rammstein’s set. Lynn agreed, but expressed her suspicions that the meeting with Lindemann was “a sex thing,” which Letz assured her it wasn’t.

    After returning to the party, just before the start of the show, Lynn said the group of women was joined by Lindemann, who poured them all tequila shots. Lynn said her memory was “just fucked” from this point on (she later posted images of bruises she sustained from the night of the show).

    “Everything up to that moment is so clear,” she wrote, “and from about 8:30 my memory goes zap. I’m like a human zombie, singing, dancing, but also stumbling tripping.”

    Just before the intermission, Lynn described being led to a tiny room beneath the stage where she was eventually confronted by Lindemann. Before being addressed by the singer, she said she immediately told him that she would not have sex with him, supposedly angering Lindemann, who stormed off after saying “Joe said you would.”


    Lynn said she was sick throughout the next day — “vomiting, diarrhea, freezing cold then sweating” — on whatever she was drugged with. She then posted her full account of the alleged incident on Twitter along with videos from the concert and other content to corroborate her account of the evening.

    Prior to Rammstein’s statement, Consequence reached out to Lynn, who stood by her original claims.

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