Summer Gear Guide: Seasonal Essentials for Music and Festival Lovers

All the gear you'll want with you in the backyard or at the festival

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    The warm weather is back from its winter hibernation, which means we’re back with a guide to the essential gear you’ll want this summer. It’s the season of backyard hangs, beach hangs, and live music excursions, so we’ve gathered together some must-have items you’ll want with you all summer long.

    Whether you’re looking for the best in audio, the festival essentials, or the envy-inducing tech, this list has something for everyone. Check out the complete guide below.

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    Outdoor Essentials

    Polaroid Music Players ($59.99 – $289.99):

    Polaroid Music Players summer gear guide essentials

    The iconic camera company Polaroid has been making moves in the portable bluetooth speaker space. With their collection of four speakers, ranging from budget-friendly hand-helds to beefy and loud portables, Polaroid’s Music Players bring style to sound.


    Each speaker provides clean, solid audio, but in a crowded product space, what truly makes Polaroid’s audio system special is the aesthetic, a colorful retro-futuristic vibe with a kindercore bend. Most portable speakers are black or white blocks, but the Polaroid Music Players are sleek and colorful, with quality design choices like the analog control wheel and 8×8 dot-matrix display. With the additions of hand straps, carabiners, and handles, they’re ready to bring the tunes wherever you happen to be headed.

    Polaroid has also come up with a proprietary music app for access to Polaroid Radio, currently featuring five genre-spanning, ad-free stations. You can autolaunch the app on your phone by touching the players’ NFC tag, and it will allow you to control any app’s playback via the speaker’s own buttons and wheel. You can even “like” radio songs on either device to keep track of your favorite new discoveries in Polaroid Radio..

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