CoSign: Water from Your Eyes Take Fun Seriously

The New York City duo returns with Everyone’s Crushed on Friday, May 26th

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CoSign: Water from Your Eyes, photo by Ben Kaye

    We’ve (re)rebranded our Artist of the Month series to CoSign, but we’re still dishing the accolade out to an up-and-coming artist or group who is poised for the big time. For May 2023, we’re highlighting Water from Your Eyes and their wildly inventive new album Everyone’s Crushed.

    It’s hard to talk about Water from Your Eyes’ latest LP, Everyone’s Crushed (out Friday, May 26th), without sounding entirely contradictory. Trying to condense their kaleidoscopic sound into a mere string of words is nearly an impossible task; it’s an errand that’s bound to inspire feelings of alienation, confusion, and curiosity. Everyone’s Crushed is dance music for fans of harsh noise, pop music for experimentalists, outsider indie rock for anyone who has contemporary classical composers on the same playlist as The Garden. Put most concisely, the New York City duo makes serious music for deeply silly people.

    “There’s always one comment that’s just like, ‘If you told me this was satire, I’d believe it’,” producer and multi-instrumentalist Nate Amos tells Consequence. “Which, I don’t even really know how to feel about, because like there are little parts of our music that are definitely slightly satirical, but it’s not satire.”


    Amos and his artistic partner Rachel Brown have created a sonic world rife with juxtaposition, honest playfulness, and mismatched ideas – ideas that somehow sound inevitable despite being completely incompatible on the surface. They’re uninterested in engaging with anything that doesn’t excite them as creators and, importantly, genuine fans of art.

    “I guess it’s not even that I think what we’re doing is cool,” Brown explains. “It’s just that I believe what we’re doing is worthwhile.”


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