Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Are Jerks in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Clip: Watch

In which Bryan Cranston doesn't shake hands

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FXX)

    Breaking Bad co-stars (and real-life friends) Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are guesting on tonight’s episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and FXX has shared an advance look at their awkward interaction with Mac (Rob McElhenney) and Dennis (Glen Howerton). Watch the clip below.

    In the episode, titled “Celebrity Booze: The Ultimate Cash Grab,” Cranston and Paul play themselves and stop in Philly to promote their real-life mezcal brand Dos Hombres. Seeking an opportunity to pitch their own liquor idea, Mac and Dennis stop by for a photo — only to be thrown completely off their game when Cranston says he doesn’t shake hands at Paul’s insistence.

    Already the longest-running live-action comedy series of all time, It’s Always Sunny kicked off its 16th season earlier this month. McElhenney and Howerton are joined by longtime cast members Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny DeVito.


    In our review, Editorial Coordinator Jonah Krueger concluded that the show still has yet to jump the shark even as the gang schemes to “exploit issues like inflation, gun safety, and even the ongoing drama of the professional chess world.”

    Paul recently starred in an episode of Black Mirror Season 6, while Cranston has confirmed he’s been coming up with ideas for a potential Malcom in the Middle reboot. Earlier this year, the actors revisited their Breaking Bad roles in a Super Bowl commercial for PopCorners.

    “Celebrity Booze: The Ultimate Cash Grab” airs tonight, June 28th at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on FXX.

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