Donald Glover Did Not Have a Good Time on The Eric Andre Show: Watch

The satire talk show just premiered its sixth season

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The Eric Andre Show (Adult Swim)

    Donald Glover has regularly worked on some of the most bizarre comedy series in recent memory, so a visit to The Eric Andre Show should be a breeze for him, right? Right?

    Not quite. In a clip from a new Season 6 episode, Andre welcomes “Donald J.P. Morgan” to the set and immediately begins grilling the comedian/musician about his actual hometown: “Now, you grew up in Atlanta, or that’s just a bit for the show?”

    Glover confirms he was, in fact, raised in the Georgia metropolis that inspired his eponymous dark comedy series, but Andre isn’t so easily convinced. “But you’re from Glendale,” the host retorts, referencing the fictional Colorado town that serves as the setting of Community. 

    Throughout the interview, Glover is forced to think critically about his parents’ genders, debate Vladimir Putin’s race, recall the time he watched a friend defecate in a Home Depot display, get secondhand stoned from a leprechaun, and more. He handles the discomfort of it all pretty well, but there are a few times where he also looks genuinely concerned, disgusted, shocked, or all of the above. Watch it go down in its outrageous glory below.


    Following Atlanta‘s conclusion last fall, Glover reunited with Janine Nabers earlier this year for the Billie Eilish-starring thriller-comedy series SwarmHe’s apparently been in talks with Lucasfilm about reprising his Star Wars role as Lando Calrissian in the not-too-distant future, but in the meantime, he may or may not have a cameo in a certain animated superhero film.

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