Geese Break Down New Album 3D Country Track by Track: Exclusive

A reinvention for the indie rock prodigies

Geese 3d country track by track breakdown interview
Geese, photo by Kyle Berger

    Track by Track is a recurring feature series in which artists guide readers through every song on their latest release. Today, Geese walk us through their sophomore album, 3D Country.

    Today (June 23rd), New York City indie rockers (and former Consequence CoSign!) Geese return with their sophomore effort, 3D CountryIn comparison to the more angular post-punk of their debut, Projector, the new set of songs finds the outfit reinventing themselves as twangier, more soulful, and increasingly unpredictable.

    At some points, like on the title track or “Cowboy Nudes,” it’s as if the band is taking cues from the alt-country playbook, whereas others see Geese getting abrasive (“Mysterious Love”), Beatles-esque (“Gravity Blues”), or funky as hell.

    “I had been listening to songs like [Funkadelic’s] ‘Hit It and Quit It,’ ‘Nappy Dugout,’ and the like, which provided most of the inspiration for something kind of soulful and strange,” vocalist Cameron Winter tells Consequence about the track “I See Myself,” before describing “Mysterious Love” as a song that’s “a dozen ’90s rock cliches mixed into one little over-produced package.”


    From the unique instrumentals to Winter’s eccentric, but wildly impressive, vocal performances, 3D Country is able to touch nearly every corner of music without breaking its continuity. While steering clear of being overly maximalist, the record is patently unafraid to explore, experiment, and find what works within its idiosyncratic sonic world.

    Listen to Geese’s 3D Country below, followed by Winter’s Track by Track breakdown of the full album. The band is also set to hit the road this fall in support of the album. Grab tickets to their upcoming shows here.

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