Going There with JOSEPH: Navigating Our Body’s Response to Stress and Anxiety

The sisterly band explores their experiences with mental health on new album The Sun

going there joseph podcast with dr mike anxiety stress
Going There with Joseph, photo by Shervin Lainez

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    On this episode of Going There, Dr. Mike speaks with sisters Natalie Closner Schepman, Allison Closner, and Meegan Closner, together known as the band JOSEPH.

    The sisters join host Dr. Mike Friedman to talk about how we interpret the physical sensations associated with panic attacks and stress. It’s something the band touches on in their new song, “Nervous System,” which deals with a description of intense anxiety experienced by one of the members themselves.

    “That song came from a moment that I was experiencing some anxiety at the same time as my partner at the time,” Allison explains. “I was balancing that feeling of, how do I help them while also needing to help myself in this moment?”

    Hailing from Portland, Oregon, the indie pop outfit has appeared on several late night shows, toured the festival circuit, and even supported The Shins on their Oh, Inverted World anniversary tour. The band has recently released their latest album, The Sun, which they’re currently touring North America behind.


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