Jeff Ament on Deaf Charlie, Yield, and the Next Pearl Jam Album

The bassist breaks down Catastrophic Metamorphic, the debut album from his new side project

Jeff Ament deaf Charlie Pearl Jam podcast interview Kyle Meredith
Kyle Meredith with Jeff Ament, photo by George Ortiz

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    Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament catches up with Kyle Meredith to talk about Catastrophic Metamorphic, the debut album from his new side project with Fit and the Tantrums Dummer John Wicks, Deaf Charlie.

    The singer-bassist tells us the duo’s origin story, finding their sound, and stories behind several of the songs. Ament also gives new details on the next Pearl Jam album, including when fans should start anticipating its arrival.

    “I think I heard Stone [Gossard] thought that the record was done, but I know for a fact that it’s not,” he explains. “And I know for a fact that, right now, everyone wants the summer off, because last summer was a bit of a grind. So, for me, in a week I’m shutting everything off. And I know at that point, the record’s still not done, so come September, we’re gonna pick up those questions of where we’re at… I think everybody hopes that we have a record out next year.”

    With its 25th anniversary in mind, Kyle and Ament also chat about the 1998 album, Yield, as well as some choice advice Ament got from Neil Young.

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