Justin Vernon’s Old Band DeYarmond Edison Announce Massive Box Set Epoch

The 83-song collection documents the early musical careers of future Bon Iver and Megafun members

epoch deyarmond edison box set tracklist justin vernon indie rock music news
DeYarmond Edison, photo by D.L. Anderson

    Before we knew Justin Vernon as the force behind Bon Iver, he fronted DeYarmond Edison, a band formed along with his childhood friends Joe Westerlund, Brad Cook, and Phil Cook. Those early recordings by the future indie rock heroes are now getting a proper release with Epoch, a comprehensive box set out August 18th on Jagjaguwar. You can hear a preview now with the single “As Long As I Can Go” b/w “Feel the Light,” along with a remastered version of their 2005 track “Bones.”

    Epoch comprises 83 recordings — many of which are being heard outside the band for the very first time — across five LPs and four CDs, dating all the way back to 1998. Along with the music comes a 60,000-word biography from journalist/executive producer/self-described biggest fan Grayson Haver Currin, the collection captures DeYarmond Edison’s evolution from high school rockers who performed as Mount Vernon to their dissolution into projects like Bon Iver and Megafun, as well as the members’ respective solo careers. Pre-orders for the stunning box set are ongoing.

    Listen to “As Long As I Can Go,” “Feel the Light,” and the remastered “Bones” below, and then keep scrolling to see the artwork and whopping tracklist for Epoch.

    You can also see where DeYarmond Edison stacks up in our definitive list of Vernon’s most essential tracks.

    As for Vernon’s current band, Bon Iver has several summer tour dates and festival appearances on the schedule. Get tickets to their upcoming shows here.

    Epoch Artwork:

    epoch deyarmond edison box set tracklist justin vernon indie rock music news

    Epoch Tracklist:
    LP1 – All of Us Free
    01. Mount Vernon – We Can Look Up
    02. Mount Vernon – Morning
    03. Phil Cook & Justin Vernon – Feel the Light
    04. Justin Vernon – Breathe
    05. The Lake
    06. Dusty Road, So Kind
    07. As Long as I Can Go
    08. Justin Vernon – Right Down There in Your Tributary
    09. The Orient


    LP2 – Silent Signs
    01. Lift
    02. Silent Signs
    03. Heroin(e)
    04. Love Long Gone
    05. First Impression
    06. Bones
    07. Heart for Hire
    08. Dead Anchor
    09. Ragstock
    10. We
    11. Dash
    12. Time to Know

    LP3 – Epoch, etc.
    01. Song for a Lover (of Long Ago)
    02. Epoch
    03. Baby Done Got Your Number
    04. Brief Scene
    05. Where We Belong
    06. Red Shoes
    07. Heroin(e)

    LP4 – Hazeltons
    01. Justin Vernon – Hazelton
    02. Justin Vernon – Frail Sail
    03. Justin Vernon – Game Night
    04. Justin Vernon – Easy
    05. Justin Vernon – Liner
    06. Justin Vernon – Song for a Lover (of Long Ago)
    07. Justin Vernon – Hannah, My Ophelia

    LP5 – Where We Belong
    01. Justin Vernon – Look Down That Long, Lonesome Road
    02. Justin Vernon – Handwriting on the Wall
    03. Ticonderoga (feat. Justin Vernon) – Hands Up
    04. Justin Vernon – Funeral Lights
    05. Megafaun – Lazy Suicide (Edit)
    06. Megafaun (feat. Justin Vernon) – Carolina Days
    07. Megafaun (feat. Justin Vernon, Frazey Ford + Fight the Big Bull) – Trials, Troubles, Tribulations (Live from the Sydney Opera House, June 1, 2013)
    08. Megafaun + Bon Iver – Worried Mind
    09. Set Me Free

    CD1 – That Was Then – North Carolina – The Bickett Gallery Residency
    01. What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?
    02. Step It Up and Go
    03. Phil’s Instrumental
    04. Louis Collins
    05. Old Dollar Mamie
    06. Two Scenes
    07. Sea Legs
    08. Abel + Cain
    09. Half Life
    10. Afro Blue


    CD2 – That Was Then – North Carolina – The Bickett Gallery Residency
    01. Four Keyboard Phase in A
    02. Cybernetic Meadow
    03. Paul’s Park
    04. Justin’s Phase Piece
    05. Exercise in Abandonment
    06. Bones
    07. I Live The Life I Love (I Love The Life I Live)
    08. My Beautiful Reward
    09. A Satisfied Mind
    10. Come and Go With Me (to That Land)

    CD3 – That Was Then – Wisconsin – The Mabel Tainter Concert
    01. Intro
    02. I Been Drinking
    03. Down on the Banks of the Ohio
    04. Silent Signs
    05. Please Find Me Here
    06. Abel + Cain
    07. We
    08. Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
    09. Afro Blue

    CD4 – That Was Then – Wisconsin – The Mabel Tainter Concert
    01. Intro
    02. The Longest Train
    03. No Depression in Heaven
    04. Red Shoes
    05. Song for a Lover (of Long Ago)
    06. Ain’t No More Cane
    07. Easy
    08. All Tomorrow’s Parties
    09. A Satisfied Mind


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