Kara Jackson on Finding the DNA of Joni Mitchell, Joanna Newsom, and Fiona Apple in Her Work

The former National Poet Laureate dissects Why Does the Earth Give Us People to Love

Kara Jackson Why Does the Earth Give Us People to Love podcast interview Kyle Meredith
Kyle Meredith with Kara Jackson, photo by Lawrence Agyei

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    Kara Jackson joins Kyle Meredith to talk about her debut album, Why Does the Earth Give Us People to Love (which earned a spot on our Best Albums of 2023 So Far list!).

    The former National Youth Poet Laureate details her journey as a musician, writing songs about processing grief, and the difference in perception of how she sees herself versus how others view her. Jackson also discusses being raised on jazz and Joni Mitchell, her admiration of Joanna Newsom, and giving a nod to Fiona Apple in her work. In particular, she discusses how those three artists inspired her to break the mold.

    “I’m really obsessed with the ways in jazz, they took the classical form and the deviated from it completely. Took those classical foundations and completely remixed them and reimagined them,” she explains. “I think I’m always obsessed with the ways in which we can take the standards and internalize them and learn them really well, and then completely wreck them and ruin them.”

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