Veruca Salt’s Louise Post on How Trauma and Women Pirates Inspired Her New Solo Album Sleepwalker

The alt-rock legend also teases a new mystery band with a co-frontwoman and an EP already recorded

louise post sleepwalker podcast interview Kyle Meredith
Kyle Meredith with Louise Post, photo courtesy of El Camino Media

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    Louise Post, the iconic figure from Veruca Salt, joins Kyle Meredith for an insightful conversation about her debut solo album, Sleepwalker. Post shares the story behind the project, which emerged following the formation of a new band featuring another notable frontwoman.

    “We made an EP — yet to be released, yet to be discussed,” Post teases. “The EP was with a band that was fronted by another woman with me. It came about very naturally. We started doing some co-writing, and at the same time, I was writing so much at such a pace, and some of the songs were clearly mine and not meant for that band. It felt important to me not to segue into another band fronted with another woman, but to really branch out as a solo artist of my own right.”

    She adds that she’s “very proud” of the mystery EP and it’s still set for a release, before going on to discuss how the tumultuous Trump presidency provided ample inspiration for her songwriting. She talks about the experience of covering subjects ranging from notable female pirates to the personal traumas that influenced her experience as a sleepwalker during her youth.


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    Post further explains how she drew inspiration from contemporary pop artists like Imagine Dragons, Melanie Martinez, Billie Eilish, and Taylor Swift and expresses her admiration for Kate Bush’s masterpiece Hounds of Love. “It’s one of my favorite all-time records,” she says. “It’s almost like you are getting these windows into her house growing up, her family, what it felt like.”

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