Manchester Orchestra and Jimmy Eat World Cover Each Other’s Songs: Stream

Ahead of their upcoming co-headlining tour

manchester orchestra jimmy eat world cover telepath table for glasses
Manchester Orchestra (photo by George Ortiz) and Jimmy Eat World (photo by Kris Lori)

    Manchester Orchestra and Jimmy Eat World are gearing up to tour together this summer. Ahead of those shows, the bands have gotten to know each other by covering a song from the other group’s catalogs.

    Andy Hull and company took on “Table for Glasses,” the opening track to Jimmy Eat World’s 1999 LP Clarity. The singer’s gentle voice works well for the slow-building song, and the cover’s insular production makes Manchester Orchestra’s version feel more immediate than the emo original.

    “It was an absolute honor to trade covers with one of our favorite bands,” Hull said in a statement. “We approached our cover with admiration for the original and had a blast exploring all of its spacious corners.”


    Meanwhile, Jimmy Eat World performed Manchester Orchestra’s “Telepath,” a cut from their 2021 album The Million Masks of God. While the original track features folksy acoustic guitar, Jimmy Eat World imagine the song in their own classic vein: with loud, crashing electric guitars. Lead singer Jim Adkins explained this change in a statement, noting,

    “Manchester Orchestra is great at sitting you down, spinning your chair around and stopping it to show you are now somewhere else. We knew if we were going to cover an immersive song like ‘Telepath,’ we’d have to commit to ‘stopping the chair’ at bizzaro-Jimmy Eat World universe.”

    “Table for Glasses” and “Telepath” will be available on 7-inch vinyl on Manchester Orchestra and Jimmy Eat World’s upcoming “Amplified Echoes Tour.” The trek runs from July through August, and tickets are on sale now via here.


    In March, Manchester Orchestra released the album The Valley of VisionJimmy Eat World’s last offering was the 2022 single “Place Your Debts.”

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