Fan Chant: Millic on the Emotional Detachment of New EP ~

A Q+A with the producer, artist, and Fanxy Child member

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Millic, photo courtesy of artist

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    Producer and artist Millic keeps good company in the hip-hop/R&B collective Fanxy Child, which is rounded out by his talented fellow South Korean performers DEAN, Zico, Crush, Penomeco, and Stay Tuned.

    But for his most recent project, his first in six years, he had to get introspective. The EP, simply titled ~, required Millic to get into a headspace he describes as “emotionally detached.” “What if I’m lost in a daydream?” he asks on the stirring “SEA ANEMONE.” “You see me getting faded/ I don’t know where I’m headed/I close my eyes and drift away.” The artful music video, which combines “EVERLASTING” and “SEA ANEMONE,” takes a world in black and white and sees it bloom into vibrant color; the album, which explores themes of water, is set by the ocean.


    “I wanted to put together messages that I felt were the most important from those [six] years,” he tells Consequence via email. Stream the project in full, and read on for the Q+A with Millic below.


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