P!NK Gets Fan’s Mother’s Ashes Thrown at Her During Concert: Watch

"I don’t know how I feel about this"

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P!NK, photo via Twitter

    P!NK was in for quite the surprise when a fan gifted (?) her their mother’s ashes mid-song during a London gig over the weekend. Watch a clip of the moment below.

    The ordeal went down at the British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park, while P!NK was singing her song “Just Like a Pill.” She reached down to pick up a Ziploc bag full of a mysterious powder that had been thrown onstage, and was apparently labeled as cremated remains.

    “Is this your mom?” P!NK asked an audience member. “I don’t know how I feel about this.” She looked really, really uncomfortable, setting the ashes safely down behind a speaker. After taking a few seconds to collect herself, she resumed her performance in spite of the morbidity of it all.

    Fans on Twitter discussed the ethics of such a morbid spectacle: “OK so my friends were stood near this lady and back story is…her mum couldn’t get out much as she was so ill when alive,” one person explained. So this lady takes her ashes places… guess she got her mum on the stage with pink. We all do things differently.”


    The ash-dispensing is just the latest in what seems to be an increasing uncomfortable trend of concertgoers throwing objects onstage at performers. Earlier this month, Bebe Rexha had to get stitches after a fan threw his phone at her mid-set, while Harry Styles got some Skittles straight to his eye last November. Last year, Kid Cudi ended his headlining set at Rolling Loud Miami early after the crowd kept pelting objects at him. Let’s try to stick to bras, people.

    As for P!NK, she has a North American tour coming up this year supporting her recent album TRUSTFALL. You can grab tickets here.

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