Space Ghost Coast to Coast Is No Longer Available for Streaming on Max

The beloved Adult Swim classic was quietly removed from the platform when it rebranded to Max

Space Ghost Max Coast to Coast removed from streaming stream Adult Swim
Thom Yorke on Space Ghost Coast to Coast (Max)

    Long before The Eric Andre Show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast set the standard for what a surreal, late-night talk show parody could be. Now, almost 30 years after it first premiered, the series is no longer available — last month, Max quietly removed the show from the platform.

    The decision came amidst a massive overhaul for Max — formerly known as HBO Max — and Space Ghost Coast to Coast was just one of many shows nixed from its titles. Another Adult Swim classic, Metalocalypse, was removed as well.

    Space Ghost Coast to Coast premiered April 15, 1994, and ran five years before ending on December 17, 1999. Created by Mike Lazzo, the series was based on a Hanna-Barbera cartoon from the 1960s, with the titular hero, Space Ghost, hosting an odd, adult-focused late-night show. Fortunately, episodes are still available to stream online via Adult Swim’s website.


    Explaining how the series changed Cartoon Network forever, Consequence contributor Libby Cudmore previously wrote: “Like The Simpsons before it, Space Ghost Coast to Coast celebrated animation as an art form for all, lifting it out of the realm of childhood but without ever making it adults-only. It was a haven for weirdos and night owls, a perfect storm of late-’90s sarcasm, twisted nostalgia, and surrealist delights.”

    Last year, Max purged several other titles, including over 200 episodes of Sesame Street, as well as popular shows like Westworld. The streaming giant recently merged with Discovery+, and announced that the purge was part of an effort to consolidate the content offered. Variety, however, reported that the moves were cost cutting measures.

    Max first acquired Space Ghost Coast to Coast in May 2020… and even though it no longer carries the title, folks can still check out full episodes on Adult Swim’s official website.

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