Axl Rose Looks Absolutely Thrilled by Joe Rogan Selfie at Restaurant

The podcaster met the rock star by chance at a restaurant in Greece

Joe Rogan and Axl Rose selfie
Joe Rogan and Axl Rose, via Instagram

    Podcast king Joe Rogan met rock royalty by chance when he ran into Axl Rose at a restaurant in Greece. The resulting selfie in which the Guns N’ Roses legend looks anything but thrilled to meet the comedian has resulted in a bevy of amusing Instagram comments.

    Rogan posted the pic along with onstage video of Guns N’ Roses’ Saturday night (July 22nd) concert in Athens, writing. “Was in Greece on vacation and randomly ran into Axl Rose at a restaurant. He invited us to see @gunsnroses in Athens, and it was FUCKING AMAZING. They went HARD for 3 hours in the blazing heat and the crowd was incredible. If you have a chance to see them near you I can’t recommend it enough.”

    Judging by the photo, Rogan was a lot more stoked about meeting Axl than the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer was about meeting the podcaster.  Rogan is smiling brightly while Axl looks as serious as a heart attack. That said, Rose apparently did gift Rogan with tickets and backstage passes to GN’R’s concert, so perhaps the encounter was more friendly than the image suggests.


    Even so, fans had fun in the comments section, with one writing, “Joe looks like a fan thats super excited to meet a rock star. And Axl looks like Joe just called him out for getting some facts wrong about Ancient Spartan diet and excersize [sic] nutrition.”

    Another person remarked, “He looks very happy you interrupted his dinner,” while another commented, “When your mom forces you to take a photo with her to send to her book club friends.”

    Recently, Dirty Honey singer Marc LaBelle told Heavy Consequence about his own chance meeting with the GN’R singer, praising the rock legend. “He was super sweet, and in very good spirits, and totally was a 180 from all the things you hear about Axl,” recalled LaBelle in the video below.


    As Rogan pointed out, GN’R go hard for three hours in concert, so if you’re looking to catch the iconic rock band play a show near you, they’re kicking off a North American tour on August 5th, featuring various support from Alice in Chains, Carrie Underwood, The Pretenders, and more. Tickets to the upcoming shows are available here.

    See Joe Rogan’s Instagram post below, followed by our video of Dirty Honey singer Marc LaBelle recalling his own chance encounter with Axl Rose.

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