Going There with DJ White Shadow: Why We Are Not Broken and Optimizing Our Lives

The accomplished producer dives into his personal experience with depression and anxiety

dj white shadow going there podcast mental health interview
DJ White Shadow, photo courtesy of the artist

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    Songwriter Paul Edward Blair, otherwise known as DJ White Shadow, joins Dr. Mike on this episode of Going There to discuss his struggles with anxiety, depression, and the tumultuous feelings that come with experiencing highs and lows in his career. Together, the guest and host go deep to uncover how imagining a singular “idea state” is actually counterproductive to our mental health journeys.

    In addition to his solo catalog, DJ White Shadow is widely known for his collaborations with major pop stars like Lady Gaga. He produced and co-wrote songs for Born This Way, ARTPOP, and the soundtrack for A Star Is Born, for which he won a Grammy Award. He’s also been behind the boards for artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, and Black Eyed Peas.

    Together with Dr. Mike, Blair details his experience with mental illness within the context of being an artist, a family member, and a human being.

    “A lot of my struggle was taking whatever the preloaded information was and trying to overcome it for what’s actually best for my mind,” he explains. “My father’s mind and my mother’s mind is not my mind in any stretch of the imagination. It’s like I’m playing golf with a set of baseball bats, because that’s what my dad needed to play his game.”


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