Lizzo Sings “Creep” at Karaoke, Feels So Fucking Special: Watch

"What does Lizzo do after her shows?"

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Lizzo (photo by Alex Waespi) and Radiohead (photo by Heather Kaplan)

    Lizzo, a documented fan of Radiohead and regular performer of unexpected covers, flexed her pipes by singing the band’s hit “Creep” during a recent night out at karaoke.

    The “About Damn Time” singer shared a brief clip of her “Creep” rendition in a carousel post on Instagram Tuesday night, along with a caption that raised a rhetorical — albeit important — question: “What does Lizzo do after her shows?” Why, sing one of the biggest alt-radio hits of the ’90s, of course. (While donning baggy jeans and a t-shirt to suit the occasion.)

    But Lizzo hasn’t always made her love for Radiohead so apparent. In a Vanity Fair cover story last fall, she explained she felt the need to keep her more rock-leaning music taste “hidden” from her friends at her predominantly Black school growing up.

    “They were all listening to what was on the radio: Usher, Destiny’s Child, Ludacris, and I was into Radiohead’s OK Computer,” she said. “Because I didn’t want to be made fun of by my peers — they’d yell, ‘White girl!’”


    In 1993, Thom Yorke sang “you’re so fucking special”; nearly 30 years later, Lizzo sang “In case nobody told you today, you’re special.” Coincidence? Check out the video of her doing “Creep” below.

    Lizzo has just a couple of international dates left on her headlining tour, and you can grab tickets at StubHub. Then, she’s set to headline Philadelphia’s Made in America festival this September.

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