Fan Chant: SHOWNU X HYUNGWON Dive into THE UNSEEN: Interview

The two MONSTA X members will be hitting KCON in the US next month

shownu hyungwon love me a little monsta x the unseen

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    The members of MONSTA X have been active since 2015, but they’re still finding new firsts. Following the completion of his time in the South Korean military, group leader SHOWNU has teamed up with bandmate HYUNGWON for the band’s first subunit, aptly named SHOWNU X HYUNGWON. They’ve arrived with a bouncy and alluring new EP, THE UNSEEN, now available in full.

    The five tracks are smooth and playful in a way that longtime MONBEBEs (fans of MONSTA X) will find familiar. “Love Me a Little,” in particular, has a more mature energy, with a breakdown primed for two of the strongest dancers in the band. Both SHOWNU and HYUNGWON were heavily involved with THE UNSEEN, with HYUNGWON contributing to most of the lyrics on the EP and SHOWNU getting involved with the choreography.


    “I feel very honored to perform and be in this unit with SHOWNU,” HYUNGWON shares. It’s nearly midnight in Seoul when the duo jumps on Zoom to chat about the new album, a few days before official release, but they’re both visibly excited for MONBEBE to hear the project.

    Watch the shiny new music video for “Love Me a Little” below, and read on for the full interview with SHOWNU and HYUNGWON.

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