Slow Pulp Embrace the Gray Area on New Single “Doubt”: Stream

Ahead of their new album Yard

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Slow Pulp, photo by Alexa Viscius

    Slow Pulp are a Chicago indie rock outfit we’ve been keeping our eyes on, and their new album Yard is coming out September 29th on ANTI-. After announcing the record with lead single “Slug” last month, they’re back with another track, “Doubt.”

    Yard is billed as a package of “listless guitar, weepy Americana, a raw-to-the-bone piano ballad, and belt-along worthy pop-punk.” “Doubt” falls more into the first category, calling to mind the most endlessly replayable alt-radio gems of the early 2000s.

    On it, lead singer Emily Massey puts her full self on display in front of a partner whose attention she craves — whether positive or negative. “Take me in and size me up/ I know you’re not always a judge,” she sings over a ridiculously catchy guitar riff.


    “In my process to fight against self-deprecation, I found this strange new pattern popping up where I fished for critiques from others,” Massey says of the track in a press release. “I wanted people close to me to validate the things I hated about myself. Self-doubt had found a home in me, it felt safer to stay in this familiar negative space than to like myself. I thought if others shared that with me I wouldn’t have to do the work to change.”

    Stream “Doubt” below.

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