Tom Morello Becomes Honorary Italian Citizen, Receives Key to Family’s Ancestral Hometown: Watch

The Rage Against the Machine guitarist was celebrated in his family's ancestral hometown of Pratiglione

tom morello italian citizenship
Tom Morello, via YouTube

    Tom Morello was honored in his family’s ancestral hometown of Pratiglione, Italy, where he was presented with honorary Italian citizenship and a key to the city.

    The ceremony took place on Sunday (July 23), with Pratiglione mayor Giovanni Trucano presenting the honorary citizenship to the Rage Against the Machine guitarist by way of his Pratiglione heritage. It was Morello’s great-great-grandfather, Carlo, who left Pratiglione for the United States about 150 years ago.

    “I just became an honorary Italian citizen & received the key to the city of the Morello ancestral hometown of Pratiglione, Italy!” Morello wrote on Instagram. “Bands played! Children frolicked! Dozens of Morello cousins partied! The mayor wore blue! Awesome guitar statue erected in town square next to the memorial for local partisans who died fighting the Nazis! Grazie, Pratiglione!”

    Earlier this year, Morello collaborated with the extremely popular Italian band Måneskin, adding his signature axework to the single “Gossip.” Morello and Måneskin performed the track together on Jimmy Falllon back in January.


    “I’m very proud of my Italian heritage,” Morello said in an interview with Rolling Stone regarding the Måneskin collab. “I’ve always felt a very strong connection with that country.”

    Below you can watch part of the ceremony for Morello in Pratiglione.

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