The Stand – Book II: On the Border Records Too Many Meeting Minutes

Stephen King's The Stand
Stephen King’s The Stand

“And when there are enough outsiders together in one place, a mystic osmosis takes place and you’re inside.”

Constant Listeners, have you been dreaming? Do you hear the bright strings of a brittle, old guitar? Do you think something’s waiting in the corn? It’s time to make a decision as you travel across a country that has very frequently passed away. But hath no fear, for you’re not alone. No matter whether you travel to Las Vegas or Boulder, Colorado, there will be people waiting, and you will be accepted either way.

It’s your choice.

Join us as The Losers’ Club discuss and debate the themes, characters, and sordid fates of Stephen King’s 1978 apocalyptic masterpiece, The Stand. We’ll also share what freaks us out, what makes us laugh, and what makes us cringe. As per tradition, our goal is to be as comprehensive as possible, which is why we’re dedicating four epic episodes to this book, which should cover each of the three sections and the 1994 adaptation.

This time around, the Losers are slumming it in the Boulder Free Zone, where the devious likes of Harold Lauder and Nadine Cross are breaking bread with our heroes Stu Redman, Frannie Goldsmith, Larry Underwood, and Glen Bateman. But, before we walk through the sematary or slice up some delicious poundcake, we have some business worth attending to: A-ha! The Dark Tower is calling our name!

Buckle up, folks: This is gonna be a long one…


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