The People’s Kingies: Constant Listeners Rate ’70s Stephen King


Constant Listeners, welcome to another bi-monthly edition of Needful Tweets and Hollywood King, where the Losers unpack all the hottest news in the ever-expanding world of Stephen King.

This week, the Losers pay tribute to director George A. Romero, who sadly passed away earlier this week. In addition to being the Godfather of the Zombie Movie, Romero also directed both Creepshow and The Dark Half.

They also go over the latest headlines surrounding The Dark Tower, It, and Mr. Mercedes, in addition to a British film festival paying tribute to the Master of Horror himself. Shortly after, they’ll announce the first annual People’s Kingies, aka your picks for the Best of ’70s King.

So, join McKenzie Gerber, Justin Gerber, and Michael Roffman, and return next week when the Losers head into the ’80s with Firestarter.


Mr. Mercedes Trailer:


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