Stephen King’s Roadwork Is a Total Bachman Bore

Stephen King's Roadwork getting a movie

“You can’t always understand something just because you did it…”

Constant Listeners, pick up some explosives (not literally) and firearms (please don’t) and join Barton George Dawes in his stand against “The Man”! His house and place of employment are due to be torn down all in the name of “progress”. But Barton has other plans. I mentioned the weapons, right?

Join The Losers’ Club as they put on their hardhats, blow up construction sites (again, we’re kidding), hookup with out-of-their-league hitchhikers, and lose their friggin’ minds in Stephen King’s–er…Richard Bachman’s 1981 novel Roadwork.

We’ll also share what freaks us out, what makes us laugh, and what makes us cringe. As per tradition, our goal is to be as comprehensive as possible, which is why the episode runs a little on the long side.

Listen below, and don’t give in to them (peacefully, of course)!


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