Different Seasons: Apt Pupil Finds Real-Life Evil in King’s Dominion


“‘No,’ he said. ‘I don’t think anyone dies happy … but you could die well.”

Constant Listeners, lose those sweaters because it’s time for a summer of corruption. Of what exactly? Why your mind, of course. Whereas most young men and women will be off at the quarry, washing away their teen angst, you’re going to spend your balmy days with your reclusive neighbor down the street. And yes, as you’ve long suspected for years, there’s something a bit off about him.

Join Losers McKenzie Gerber, Mel Kassel, and Justin Gerber as they keep flipping through Different Seasons, Stephen King’s 1982 collection of season-themed novellas. This time around, they’re knocking on the door of “Apt Pupil”, everyone’s favorite story about a young boy and his secret Nazi pal. They’ll also discuss Bryan Singer’s 1998 adaptation and celebrate the work of the late Brad Renfro.

Listen below and don’t forget to report any local Nazis.

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