Ranking: Stephen King’s Night Shift From Worst to Best Pt. 2

Stephen King's Night Shift
Stephen King’s Night Shift

“You’re my big brother. I knew you’d take care of me.”

Constant Listeners, don’t get up, we’re not finished yet. There are still several more stories to be told, stories that involve wicked children, Captain Trips, broken families, extraterrestrials, things that go bump in the night, and, yes, one very familiar town. Let’s just say, you wouldn’t want to spend a cold, wintry night there alone with your family.

Join us as we continue to discuss and debate the themes, characters, and sordid fates of Stephen King’s first short story collection, 1978’s Night Shift. If you recall from the last episode, we’ve ranked the book’s 20 short stories from worst to best, which means these next 10 are wickedly delightful. In fact, they’re the ones that’ll always come back to us.

Listen below and return in two weeks for the third and final episode of Night Shift, which finds the Losers disassembling all the good, bad, and ugly film adaptations that have since spawned from the evil book. Ugly is quite the understatement.


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