State of the Empire Episode 24: Star Wars Celebration 2016 Insights


To keep tabs on the ever-growing pop culture zeitgeist that is Star Wars, we’ve partnered up with Nerdy Show to bring you State of the Empire. Led by Art Director Cap Blackard, the series speculates on the future of the franchise and looks for news in Alderaan places. To catch up on episodes, click here.

Star Wars Celebration 2016 is the annual expo for all things far, far away and some looming nearby. This year, the shadow of the Death Star descended on London as hype for Rogue One gave way to looks behind the scenes, surprise slip-ups, and enough cryptic info to ensure that this debut “Star Wars Story” is going to have us guessing right up until opening night. Meanwhile, Star Wars Rebels brought the heat by reintroducing an Expanded Universe favorite: Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Join Cap, Doug, and Matt as they revel in the revelations from the Rebels season 3 trailer, reminisce on the mid-90s-era Star Wars that both the latest film and TV series are now strongly hearkening back to, and consider the futures and fates of the Rebellion in the time before A New Hope. Though the era of the Original Trilogy took most of the spotlight, there’s also plenty to share and read into about Episode VIII, forthcoming video games, novels, comics, and even an official announcement about young Han Solo.

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