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Consequence of Sound and Sony bring you an exploration of legendary albums and their ongoing legacy. Join The Opus as it learns how masterpieces continue to evolve: shaping lives, shaking rafters, and ingraining itself into our culture. Maybe you’re a longtime fan who wants to go deeper. Maybe you’re a first-time listener curious to hear more – either way, you’re in the right place.

Latest Episode

Season 12: The Score

Ready or Not, The Opus to Explore Fugees' The Score

The Opus: The Score

Hosted by Jill Hopkins

Episode 1: Fugees at the Crossroads

Episode 2: Fugees in the Basement

Episode 3 – Premieres March 25th

Episode 4 – Premieres April 1st

Season 12: Pearl

image2 The Opus

The Opus: Pearl, artwork by Steven Fiche

Hosted by Jill Hopkins

Episode 1: Janis Joplin Never Stopped Singing

Episode 2: The Janis Joplin We Never Knew

Episode 3: The Last Days of Janis Joplin 

Episode 4: Janis Joplin, Feminist Icon

Season 11: Abraxas

the opus santana abraxas announce new season host giveaway

Hosted by Jill Hopkins

Episode 1: Carlos Santana Truly Arrived After Woodstock

Episode 2: The Band Behind Name

Episode 3: Charting the Influence of Santana

Episode 4: The Beats Behind Santana

Season 10: Whitney Houston

The Opus - Whitney Houston

Hosted by Andy Bothwell

Episode 1: Whitney Houston’s Billboard Run Contains Multitudes

Episode 2: The Science Behind Whitney Houston’s Voice

Episode 3: The Range of Whitney Houston 

Season 9: The Infamous

the opus mobb deep infamous Steven Fiche

Hosted by Andy Bothwell

Episode 1: Mobb Deep’s Commitment to the Truth

Episode 2: Finding Success By Learning From Failure

Episode 3: Experience Outweighs Practice

Episode 4: Mobb Deep Crafted Their Own Language

Season 8: Bitches Brew

The Opus - Miles DavisHosted by Andy Bothwell

Episode 1: The Importance of Challenging Music

Episode 2: The Indefinable Greatness of Miles Davis

Episode 3: The Expanded Universe of Miles Davis

Episode 4: Breaking Down the Art of Bitches Brew 

Season 7: Bridge over Troubled Water

The Opus - Simon and Garfunkel, Episode 1Hosted by Andy Bothwell

Episode 1: Following the Footsteps of Simon and Garfunkel

Episode 2: The Bridge to Beyoncé

Episode 3: The Importance of Creative Conflict

Season 6: London Calling

The Opus - London Calling

Hosted by Andy Bothwell

Episode 1: The Clash Started a Rebellion by Defying Labels

Episode 2: The Clash Never Failed Their Influences

Episode 3: The Clash’s Transmissions Broadcast Beyond All Borders 

Season 5: Blizzard of Ozz

Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Ozz The Opus

Hosted by Andy Bothwell

Episode 1: The Prince of Darkness Finds Unlikely Shelter

Episode 2: The Unexpected Influence of Ozzy Osbourne

Episode 3: The People vs. Ozzy Osbourne

Season 4: Red Headed Stranger

Willie Nelson The Opus Red Headed Stranger

Hosted by Andy Bothwell

Episode 1: Willie Nelson’s Outlaw Rebirth

Episode 2 – Betting It All On Being Different

Episode 3 – The Wonderful World of Willie


Season 3: Grace

The Opus

Hosted by Carrie Courogen

Episode 1: The Voice of Jeff Buckley

Episode 2: Buckley and Grace After Death

Episode 3: Keeping Jeff Buckley’s Legacy Alive

Season 2: Electric Ladyland

Hosted by Ernest Wilkins

The Opus: Jimi Hendrix, artwork by Steven Fiche

Episode 1: The Deification of Jimi Hendrix

Episode 2: The Studio Wizardry of Hendrix

Episode 3: The Cinematic Immortality of Hendrix

Episode 4: The Enduring Legacy of Hendrix

Season 1: Blood on the Tracks

Hosted by Paula Mejia

cos theopus 2  1  The Opus

Episode 1: Canonizing Bob Dylan’s Opus

Episode 2: Dylan’s Songwriting Process

Episode 3: Evaluating Dylan’s Cinematic Legacy

Episode 4: How Dylan Birthed Bootleg Culture