A very funny interview with Ari Shaffir and Big Jay Oakerson

Topics range from Avenged Sevenfold to white supremacy to jokes too blue for TV

Ari Shaffir and Big Jay Oakerson

cos quiznos

In this exclusive video, we bring you our funniest interview from South by Southwest, as Rock it Out! Blog host Sami Jarroush chats with with stand-up comedians Ari Shaffir and Big Jay Oakerson.

Shaffir and Oakerson try to decide which of them has the better musical taste which leads to discussions about Avenged Sevenfold fans and white supremacists going after Oakerson following a show. They also discuss comedy’s place at SXSW, Shaffir’s Comedy Central show This Is Not Happening, and some of the jokes that were deemed too controversial to be put on the air.

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