Alien: Resurrection Set a New Standard for Lazy Sequels

The fourth sequel in the Alien franchise is part of a long Hollywood trend of "milking it"

Alien: Resurrection

Released on November 26th, 1997, Alien: Resurrection is a dismal bookend to Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise. It shoots a flamethrower on the entire franchise, over what was once a wholly unified trilogy, and commits some of the greatest sins in Hollywood filmmaking. The premise itself pays gluttonous fan service by indulging in their superfluous grief over losing a beloved character, while also subjugating that story’s world to a lackadaisical deus ex machina (i.e. cloning) that subverts the franchise in all the wrong ways. Gone are the hefty stakes, the emotionalism, and the bewilderment, all in lieu of ironic action.

Script By: Michael Roffman

Editor: Perry Froelich

Voice Over: Caroline Daniel

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