Amigo the Devil Talks Life on the Road, Heart-Wrenching Lyrics, and New Album Plans

The folk-rocker's sister Katerina joins him to discuss her involvement in his band and her own Katacombs project


Amigo the Devil (Danny Kiranos) and Katerina Kiranos, via Heavy Consequence

    Amigo the Devil continues to tour behind his acclaimed 2021 album Born Against. The dark-folk rocker (aka Danny Kiranos) and his sister Katerina Kiranos (aka Katacombs) sat down with Heavy Consequence prior to his set at Louder Than Life in Louisville, Kentucky, to discuss their life on the road, the emotional story behind the song “Different Anymore,” and plans to hit the studio for a new album.

    Since touring opened back up, Amigo the Devil has been a road dog, and is happy to be back out in front of his fans. “I think there’s a level of selfishness in the reward that I get [from touring],” Amigo tells us in the video above. “I love touring, I love playing music, and I hope that I get to do it forever. But at some point, you are a human, your body is a mechanism and it shuts down … and you lost the ability to understand the joy that you’re getting.”

    He continues, “But on a selfish level, it’s almost like the shows, when we become one [with the fans] — that unison, that energy, that massive pile of humanity — it reinvigorates and reminds you of why these moments are so special.”


    Katerina, who records under the name Katacombs, is also a member of the Amigo the Devil touring band, playing keyboards and singing backing vocals. “It’s a dream,” she tells us of touring with her brother. “He’s my best friend. We grew up very, very close. The rest of the band, they have very quickly become my best friends, too.” The Amigo the Devil band also includes guitarist David Talley, bassist Jason Deitz, and drummer Carson Kehrer.

    Elsewhere in the interview, Amigo discusses the song “Different Anymore,” emotionally telling the story of a friend who took his own life. He explains, “This song was written from his perspective of ‘I don’t want to be different anymore.'”

    As far as new music, Amigo and his band are getting ready to hit the studio to record the follow-up to Born Against. “We’re gonna be recording the new record at the beginning of next year. … Some of the songs are oddly heavier … and then the other extreme is that it’s a little more focused, almost like Leonard Cohen-y.”


    Watch our full interview with the Kiranos siblings above, and stay tuned to Heavy Consequence as details on the next Amigo the Devil album are announced. Pick up tickets to Amigo the Devil’s upcoming tour dates here.

    Trouble viewing the interview in the player above? Watch on YouTube.

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