Peer 2 Peer: Amy Poehler and The Linda Lindas Talk Moxie Memories, Artistic Growth, and Rock Icons

The comedian reunites with the rising punk group for a freewheeling, upbeat chat.

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Punk Week continues with a very special entry in our creator-to-creator interview series, Peer 2 Peer.

When Amy Poehler arrived at the Hollywood Palladium in April of 2019 to see Bikini Kill, she didn’t expect to also be blown away by the openers: four (very) young women who go by The Linda Lindas. The group is composed of sisters Mila and Lucia de la Garza, Eloise Wong, and Bela Salazar.

The Linda Lindas are the oft-overused Shakespeare quote “though she be but little, she is fierce” personified, ranging in age from just 10 to 16. With volume (and heart) that can surpass groups decades older than them, The Linda Lindas are one of the most exciting punk rock acts to burst onto the scene.

After Amy Poehler was blown away by The Linda Lindas’ Palladium performance, she tasked the group with recording two songs for a feature film entitled Moxie, directed by Poehler herself.

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More recently, The Linda Lindas were further bolstered by a bout of internet fame when a performance of their impassioned track “Racist, Sexist, Boy” at the LA Public Library exploded. To date, the video has racked up more than a million views.

This latest episode of Peer 2 Peer reunites Poehler with the four members of The Linda Lindas for a conversation covering Poehler’s acting, directing, and producing work, The Linda Lindas’ creative process, Poehler’s advice to young women in the creative world, and a healthy exchange of ghost stories.

You can tune into the full conversation above. Trouble viewing? Watch the entire interview on Punk Week.

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