Bombay Bicycle Club prove why they’re #NextUp with this fierce performance of “Feel”

As one might gather from its name, UK’s Bombay Bicycle Club is all about forward momentum. Since forming in 2005 as The Canals (perhaps that name didn’t imply quite enough speed), the band’s released four albums and toured all over Europe, North America, South America, and Australia. While they took their longest break between 2011’s A Different Kind of Fix and February’s So Long, See You Tomorrow, they’ve since picked up the pace with near-endless touring.

Later this year, Bombay Bicycle Club will motor their way to Chicago, Illinois, where they’ll make their grand debut at Lollapalooza. In celebration of their sudden dart into the mainstream, Dodge has named the electro-folk outfit as one of several rising talents in its #NextUp campaign.

Before you check them out during Lollapalooza, Dodge is offering an intimate look at Bombay Bicycle Club with an in-studio performance and Q&A. Aided by some fairly sweet visuals, the band performs the So Long standout “Feel”, a track which deftly strings together indie-pop harmonies, bits and pieces of electronic music, and the sturdy grooves of Indian fusion. Even while balancing so many members and so many elements, BBC are one seamless music machine.

For the Q&A portion (below), the band discusses its origins, their excitement over playing Lollapalooza for the first time, how they cull together so many dichotomous musical influences, recording their new album with producer Ben Allen, drawing inspiration from old Hindi films, their love of Western pop music, and much more.


For more on Bombay Bicycle Club, and other artists in #NextUp, head here. Dodge is also helping to hook you up with even more festival coverage via their “Darting to Festivals” campaign, which you can further explore here.


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