CHVRCHES on Collaborating with Robert Smith, John Carpenter and Clive Barker

The synthpop band discusses their recent spat of exciting collabs

Chvrches Robert Smith

Though CHVRCHES’ Martin Doherty maintains that Screen Violence is “not a pandemic album,” there’s no doubt that the emotions and feelings of isolation are a part of the LP — particularly on the Robert Smith-featuring “How Not to Drown.”

“He was very into collaborating and working with us on the details,” the band’s Ian Cook says. “He’s a very funny, really lovely guy — which I hoped he would be!”

Ten years and four albums in, CHVRCHES are still as gracious as ever when it comes to working with their heroes. For Lauren Mayberry, the John Carpenter remix of “Good Girls” was an example of when trio “got to work with loads of people that we really admire.”

“So yeah, I feel like this record has been really blessed,” she adds.

Consequence caught up with Mayberry, Doherty, and Cook to talk about working with Smith, Carpenter, and others, and more highlights from their new album Screen Violence.

Watch the full video above or on our YouTube channel, and watch Part 2 of our interview with CHVRCHES here.


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