Code Orange’s Jami Morgan on “Out for Blood,” Upcoming Album, Nine Inch Nails Fandom, and More

After wrapping up a tour supporting Korn, the Pittsburgh band recently kicked off its own headlining run

Code Orange Jami Morgan interview

It has already been a jam-packed year for Code Orange, as the celebrated Pittsburgh band recently wrapped up a tour with rock heavyweights Korn and Chevelle.

Now, Code Orange have embarked on their own headlining North American run, with support from Loathe, Vended and Dying Wish. That outing kicked off April 3rd in Detroit and runs through a May 7th date in Boston, with tickets available via Ticketmaster.

If you head to one of the shows, chances are you’ll see Code Orange perform their newest single, 2021’s “Out for Blood.” Singer Jami Morgan recently caught up with Heavy Consequence via video Zoom to discuss the song, the band’s upcoming album, and more.

Morgan told us that Code Orange were excited to write and record “Out for Blood,” because it brought something different to the band’s catalog.

“We were in the process of working on a lot of other music, and that’s still to follow, and we just wanted to make something that was immediate and filled you with adrenaline and still had a little bit of the technique we like to use production-wise and our attitude and our feel,” he explained. “But doing these sets, we realized that a lot of the songs we have that are more melodic are all in this very hushed tone. There’s a dip in the set, and the way we like to build the set is in waves, so you feel like this (motions up) and when you’re doing feeling like that and sick of people pushing you and s**t, we go down a little bit, and we have these different songs that fit these different moods.”

He added, “I just wanted a song that was melodic but that fit a different mood, that had more of a mood of an aggressive heavy song but was memorable.”

As for the band’s follow-up to 2020’s album Underneath, Morgan told us, “Albums are a real art-piece. Singles and songs … they are what they are. Albums are like the art. You could be visual, and all the things that come along with that. I really enjoy that process, and take pride in it. I’m just excited to hopefully take the new fans that we’ve made, and take them on a new ride. And we’re gonna go a different way [musically].”

While Morgan didn’t have a release date for the new album to share with us, he did say the band is “deep into it” and has “more songs than we’ve ever had for anything.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Morgan talked about his favorite band Nine Inch Nails, why he’s impressed with Ghost, and more. Watch the full video interview with Jami Morgan of Code Orange above, and pick up tickets to their current headlining tour here.

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