Dee Snider Talks Pandemic, Trump, New Live Album, and More

The Twisted Sister legend's new concert release, For the Love of Metal Live, is out now

Dee Snider video interview

Legendary metal singer Dee Snider just released a brand-new concert album and film, For the Love of Metal Live. The collection, available in multiple formats, captures the outspoken vocalist performing his Twisted Sister hits and solo material.

Snider checked in with Heavy Consequence over Zoom to discuss For the Love of Metal Live, but the conversation also focused on the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on music artists, as well as his thoughts on the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic.

The singer, who chatted with us from his house in Belize, discussed the uncertain future that many music acts have right now, given the shut down of the concert industry as a result of the pandemic.

“The potential for the destruction of independent art, in total — records, films, concerts — anything independent … any kind of startup where people are funding and fighting their way to doing it on their own, is in danger of being obliterated,” warns Snider.

We also asked Dee about Sammy Hagar’s recent comments that he’s willing to “get sick and even die” if it means hitting the road and kickstarting the concert industry again.

“First of all, I love Sammy, and I understand what he’s saying, but we all can say that until we’re in the trenches and we’re sick and dying,” responded Snider. “Then it doesn’t seem like such a good idea.”

Snider, who had been friendly with Donald Trump after appearing as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, has since spoken out against the president, even asking him to stop playing Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” at campaign rallies.

As far as the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic, Snider told us, “The president’s response [and] the White House response has been to politicize [the pandemic] and to separate us more, and make it about politics, instead of joining together and helping each other. This was an opportunity to really bring the country together over something really important, that rises above all the other B.S. in the world. And he failed to do that, and we’re seeing the results.”

In our conversation, Snider also addressed the instant fame of TikTok and YouTube stars, and how that contrasts with the years and years of work that Twisted Sister put in before finally achieving international success.

Watch our chat with Dee Snider above, and pick up his new concert release, For the Love of Metal Live, via Amazon or in various bundles at the Napalm Records webstore.

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